The Brand Remix

Written by Remember The Girls
Posted 02-23-2023

Remember The Girls was founded in 2017 with a singular goal: to help females impacted by X-linked conditions. Since then, we have grown into a global organization serving 1,300 females impacted by 40 X-linked conditions and from 30 countries around the world. We created the first ever support group bringing together females impacted by different X-linked conditions, ran a successful 12-part educational webinar series, and launched a podcast, collectively coeXisting, to bring more awareness to the issues faced by our community.

Previous logo for Remember The Girls with the string of pink X's.

Previous logo for Remember The Girls

In 2022, we realized it was time to take Remember The Girls to the next level. We wanted our organization to better reflect our community, mission, and goals for the future. We also wanted our website,, to be a stronger resource for the community and medical professionals. We set out on a journey to rebrand our organization, starting with a new logo, color palette and fonts, and completely revitalized our website.

A great deal of thought was devoted to the elements of our rebrand. First and foremost, we decided to keep the organization’s name “Remember The Girls.” X-linked conditions were long considered to be diseases that only impacted boys and men and research and treatment efforts were almost exclusively devoted to them. Our organization was originally named Remember The Girls to draw attention to the fact that women and girls can also be impacted by X-linked conditions, and should not be forgotten – with regard to either the physical or emotional aspects of having an X-linked disorder. Remember The Girls is gender-inclusive and supports all people with two X chromosomes who are impacted by X-linked conditions.

A new design was an integral part of our rebranding. We decided to continue to include pink as one of our primary colors, but also added a cherry red. Previously, Remember The Girls was often mistaken for a breast cancer organization because the pink in our logo was similar to the breast cancer ribbon pink. However, since pink is closely tied to our brand, we didn’t want to stray too far, but also wanted to differentiate our organization. We decided to use a rustic pink and a blush pink. As for secondary colors, we added green and blue. We thought this new color palette gave the organization a more professional and distinctive look while still remaining modern.

As for our logo, we wanted to incorporate a few logo variations we could use in different settings. Here are our new logos. We included the tagline, “Not Just Carriers,” to add additional context to the mission of our organization. However, at times our logo may be used without the tagline. ‘the girls’ is purposely bolded to emphasize our community. As for the XX symbol, this is intended to represent two X chromosomes – one without a mutation, and one with a mutation. The finger print illustration on the mutated X chromosome is meant to represent the uniqueness of every X-linked condition and the females that are impacted.

We also added custom illustrations and icons, as well as social media content to help viewers better visualize our content. Considering how vast our community is, we felt strongly about using custom illustrations over stock imagery to match the style of our logo and embody the connectedness of every X-linked condition.

On our new website, you will see a lot more informational content about X-linked conditions and family planning. You will also notice more consistency around language, especially in terms of our mission and vision. Our new branding has been reflected throughout the site by the use of colors, typography, illustrations, and voice. We’ve also made it easier for you to navigate and explore all of our new content by making clear links on every page. We can’t wait for you to explore all that we have built!

We hope you are as excited as we are about this next step. We welcome all and any feedback to continue improving and serving our community.