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X-linked conditions impact us more than you think
X-linked conditions impact
us more than you think

We are not just carriers.

We are mothers. caregivers. patients. advocates. friends. mentors. daughters. sisters.

Since our founding in 2017, our community has grown to include:

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40 X-Linked Conditions

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1,300 Community Members

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30 Countries Worldwide

We are committed to advocating for females impacted by X-linked conditions.

Remember The Girls aims to break the stigma facing females impacted by X-linked conditions by providing them with tools to seek support, engage with research, and access family planning options, as well as by advocating for increased attention of medical professionals to the physical, emotional, and reproductive needs of this community.

Master List

Check out our X-linked condition master list.

To date, there have been hundreds of X-linked conditions identified – many of them are ultra-rare, only affecting a few people around the world. While all X-linked conditions are caused by mutations on the X chromosome, each condition is different and has a unique set of symptoms.

Family Planning

There are options for growing your family.

As an X-linked carrier or affected female, there are many options to start or continue your family. We’ve made a concerted effort to feature all routes you may take in your family planning journey, from deciding not to have children, to natural conception, to adoption, to IVF with PGT, and more.

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Connect with others like you in our Facebook support group.

Remember The Girls runs a private Facebook group with over 1,300 members impacted by more than 40 X-linked conditions and from more than 30 countries in the world. Join our online community of females impacted by X-linked conditions to seek and provide support, ask questions, find resources, and learn how to advocate.